Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The former Malawi president strongly believes that Her Excellency Joyce Banda will make Malawi better.

He said this in an interview conducted on Radio Islam.He said he strongly believes within a short period the problems facing the country will be gotten rid of and be a thing of the past.

With a number of foreign donor countries promising to start working together with the new Malawi administration,there is a lot of hope by the people that things will get better.But what the president should remember is that the donor community comes with terms and conditions to their aid.These are some of the factors that contributed to a fallout between the late President and various donor countries like Britain and America.If these conditions are not adhered to then there will be more fallouts or even no aid at all.

As much as i supported some of Bingu's Wa Mutharika's policies like Zero Deficit Budget,which was good in sense that Malawi as a country has too much over reliance on aid,some of the policies were to tough and brought at a wrong time into practice.The late president was arrogant at times but third world countries need to be treated with respect.

Joyce Banda and her government can do well yes but they should not allow to be tossed around by the western donor governments.There are a number of issue the country needs to sort out like,the persistent power cuts,forex  and fuel shortages,higher bank charges and corruption.

If her excellency Joyce Banda surrounds herself and get people into her government who have a history of corruption and bad leadership,people will start crying foul and judging her type of leadership.The problem with  our politicians is that they are all recycled politicians.They go where the glass is greener.They have rolled on from Malawi Congress Party to United Democratic Front,then joined DPP today they are in another color joining Banda's Peoples Party.


We are just a few days in the new administration but people have already started quitting the former ruling party, DPP and  joining the current presidents party.A party they did not join before she got into higher office.Who would be interested in people like them.They are there for a reason.They will definately be entertained as she wants to increase the numbers but she should be careful with who she brings on board in her government.

She has set a good example by bringing in Benson Tembo at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.People just hope that he will be let free to do his job withot any interference from the political top brass.

She can really do a good job if she has the right people in place and not selfish and corrupt poliicians and good economic policies.


Following the recent death of the President of Malawi,Prof Bingu Wa Mutharika and Prophet TB Joshua taking all the credits and praise for the prophecy,a number of people are raising a lot of questions on weather the death of the 78yr old president was timely as to Prophet Joshua's prophecy or was it just luck.?

There are reports from well placed sources and rumours going round that the late president was a sickly man.[dead man walking as said by the recently sacked head of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.Prophet TD Joshua even had to show a letter on his Emmanuel TV purpotedly signed by the late president himself.The contents??The prophet knows himself because it was a personal letter.So if it was personal from the president to him,why did he think it wise that he should show it on his TV station and yet not disclosing its contents..?The man who is said to have written the letter has no chance to accept and deny it.

The big ask is should people believe what he said about an old President will die and that he got his prophecy right?Was he only lucky or some juju involved.?Did he have very good information from Doctors who advised the late Bingu Wa Mutharika tha he has got long to live due to his non disclosed illness?Is he a prophet of goodness or a prophet of doom?

There are so many answers and questions?Find the answers yourself..

Monday, 9 April 2012


Following her recent elevation from post of Vice President to full president of Malawi after the death of former President Bingu Wa Mutharika,Joyce Banda faces a tough time ahead to solve a lot of issues in this South AFrican country.

Joyce Banda has made history in being the first woman in South East Africa to lead a country that has been in serious economic problems after enjoying a good economic growth and being on a list of countries with the fastest economic growth in Africa.Apart from economic issues,there is shortage of investment,constant power cuts,food shortages,fuel shortages that are contributed by lack of foreign exchange.There is also an issue of tribalism which has come out worse in the previous government by having a group about Lomwe's(a tribe the deceased president belonged to) and human rights abuses.

There are questions to be answered and lots of Malawians are anxious to see what the next president will do.People will definitely give her time to sort the mess out but sooner,people will start pointing accusing fingers if she doesn't play her cards right.

Malawians are ppatient people but a lot hope Joyce Banda has learnt from the late presidents mistakes and will not repeat them.This will also be seen in how she will select her cabinet.Then problem with most of the politicians are all recycled.They have been in the old MCp,then UDF,moved on to DPP but had to quit and joing Joyce Banda's party after getting disgruntled by some issues in the former ruling party.So the question is,will people trust these same people to ran the government or they would be interested in seeing new fresh faces..?

The nation is yet to see and start judging..


Following rumours going round that the Malawi President BIngu Wa Mutharika had collapsed with a heart attack.There were jubilations in some areas ,people posting messages on social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter saying they cared less if the president dies.

This is so strange for a Malawian person to say,because the nation is full of God fearing people who respects someone's death and great the dead with dignity.For people to say they cared less means a lot apart from the ones who benefited from the DPP regime did not like the DPP led government due to its poor economic policies,stubbornness by the leader himself and other human rights abuses.

Then news came round that he is dead,people were so overjoyed.Some even saying their prayers have been answered.The nation could not just wait for the next elections in 2014.Some are even saying his body should not be returned back to Malawi.

What's next for this peace loving country?

Sunday, 15 May 2011


 For so many years now,so many tobacco farmers in Malawi have been complaining of poor tobacco prices offered by the foreighn buyers at the acution floors in the 3 regions of the country.I remember there was a time farmers used to take their produce to sell in Mozambique and Zambia so that they should get better prices for their months of hard work.Its so doubtful now these days that you will see a farmer going into all that hussle to transport his produce so that they can maybe have a profit aftre sales.

Tobacco prices have been on the decline for a long time but its so doubtful if alot of farmers have seen this coming.There are so many factors afeecting this.Some of them being that there are not a lot of tobacco buyers from Europe and other parts of the world due to the anti-smoking campaigns and higher import taxes on such produce by our various buying countries.

This has had a negative effect om the economy as there is no forex coming in and there is no much money spent as it has been the case in the years before(being that farmers spend alot after harvest,thereby making various local business flourish).

But what should be or could have been done to be in a better situation?The blame should be put on the government.The government being in the know should have had put measures in place,educating and making various farmers aware of the factors that are affecting tobacco sales and prices.Farmers need to be encouraged to venture into growing different cash crops.There are crops like paprika,sweet and irish potatoes,maize(by irrigation for those who can manage).

There is no way that tobacco prices wil improve and farmers should know that.Politicianss should not come ther and have that as a campain tool that they will improve tobacco prices.If they say that thay are lying and cannot be trusted.

All i can advise is for the people above who can influence to put measures in place starting from now on about how a Malawian farmer can survive.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


The president of Malawi was angered by comments made by his own Minister of Information when he said that the President's popularity is on a decline than the first 5 years of his presidential term.

According to sources at the National Governing Council meeting held on the 30th of April at the New State House in Lilongwe,Dr Lipenga reffered to the various errors and not so good decisions made by the current leadership.It has been said that he pleaded with the president to change his ways so as not to tarnish the image of the presidency.

Reports say the president was somehow shocked to hear this from Dr Lipenga and had to take time to comment on it.It has been reported that later on he vented his anger on one of his ministers for not giving him proper advice regarding the matter with the deported British envoy.

There is now a worry what damage the diplomatic issue with the British government will cause.Major damage has really been caused  and it wil definately take some time for the wounds to heal.


Of latethis lovely,beautiful and peaceful country of mine,has seen the word THIRD TERM making rounds and being mentioned quiet a lot by people in politics and those interested in the affairs of the country.

Mr Wa Mutharika or DR as he is called these days has campained quietly and tried to woo other fellow corrupt and greedy MPs to back his bid in parliament that the constitution should be amended to help him stay in power for an extra 2 years.

That seemed to fail at first and then he though it wise to plant his brother to be the leader of the party and contest for presidency.According to opinion poll,.he(Bingu) has obviously seen that his brother would not defeat their former member Joyce Bnad who has instead decided to form her own party.By the way why putting his brother as if the country is a kingdom?Don't they have people capable to lead the party in the next elections?What is that he is trying to hide?His brother will just be in front but Bingu will be behind the scenes running the country.

Malawians are not stupid.They know your cunning plan to have him there just as a puppet while he (Bingu) runs the show in the background.I would advise my fellow Malawians not to even vote for the party.Would be good to bring different paty in government to ran the country not these people who are so greedy and corrupt.The question is who would we trust to be a smooth operator.Joyce Bnada in my eyes seems a good bet now but i do think she will change colors a few days in the hot seat and get big headed again.

What do you think fellow Malawians.??



A lot of Malawians are getting very concerned with how our politicians are getting big headed and thinking they are above the law.

Of late the President of Malawi,has been behaving and acting as if he is above the law himself.He is neglecting serious issues at heart that are affecting alot of us Malawians.He thought it was wise to deport the British envoy to Malawi for reasons best known to himself and his clonies.What he should know is that these foreign envoys,diplomats as they are called,are there to represent their respective countries,to act as eyes on irregularities that various governments do.Its sad to see Bingu acting in such a foolish way by deporting one such envoy from Britain.

Just imagine what impact such kind of act will have on the nation as a whole.There are various people to be affected by this silly and stupid act by the countrys' president.People wonder if he expected the foreign envoys to be cheering and clapping their hands,giving him an ovation if he is acting silly.They are not there to do that.They are there to help,and one form of helping is giving criticism.They cannot stand and watch while someone is acting stupid,and people suffering.Bingu is becoming a dictator,first he took the title of Ngwazi and he feels he is in top of the world himself.Slowly the country is returning to old times.Why dont politicians learn from mistakes made by previous people in government.

The country gets alot of aid and grants from the British and various foregn governments and it pains the envoys to see how money is being wasted in silly projects or even corrupt officials.Look at what Madonna did.She stopped everything and in return alot of innocent kids and people will suffer.Just by building the school there was a chance of people getting employment and kids getting an aducation.

Bingu is slowly getting into another Mugabe.Things started that way in Zimbabwe.Diplomat being expelled then taking land from white farmers and look at where the country is now.Foreign countries just watch and in return withdraw their aid and lots of people suffer.The politicians will be fine,eating daily yet some people are suffering.

Do they want people yto act the way people are actin in the North of Africa??

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


A lot of us Malawians are asking themeselves what the politicians are thinking by coming up with proposals as changing some features of the national flag.

Questions are being asked regarding the intelligence our legislators.Whoever slept in his or her house and came up with this silly suggestion of changing our historical flag.
Why hiding on the fact that times have changed?The national flag is not associated with any party or anything bad in history for it to be changed.

There are so many important issues to be discussed and changed not the national flag.People are fed up silly politics,Discuss real issues that affect the ordinary citizen.

There is fuel shortages and some other issues that need to be looked into.Leave our flag on its own as it is.It has special meanings.

There are no good reasons to have the features on the flag changed.It needs to be treated with respect otherwise its going to loose its significance and the respect it deserves.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


There hjave been reports in the national newspapers this week that the government intends to introduce new proposals as regards the importation on second hand cars into the country.

While these measures are good,they will also have and adverse effect on the economy of the country,various families who rely in selling second hand cars to make a living.

The reason being given is because people import alot of very old cars,this increases the lack of forex on the market.What an excuse.!!Blaming the poor man,yet you are forgetting the people up there in high paying jobs,the Asian traders who are scattered all over the country,trading in fake goods and in retrn taking money out ofthe country..Don't forget the corruption in our various banks.

Why can't the government put up measures like say ''anyone should not import a car not over 10years old than saying cars from 2002 onwards?''.You may ask why i am saying this.What will happen say in the next 20years because 2002 will be long gone and the cars around that time will be older again.Do you see the logic in this.It is a better way to put a number of years that a year to be specific.Some countries practice this.

There are also plans of hiking customs duty.The duty is already high right now,but its doubtiful if the money is put to good use.

I fear for the various Malawian families when these proposals come into place.A lot of Malawians will get into financial problems,thereby lots of suffering families,maybe an increase in crime too.I am not saying duty should not be increased but people should be considerd too.