Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The former Malawi president strongly believes that Her Excellency Joyce Banda will make Malawi better.

He said this in an interview conducted on Radio Islam.He said he strongly believes within a short period the problems facing the country will be gotten rid of and be a thing of the past.

With a number of foreign donor countries promising to start working together with the new Malawi administration,there is a lot of hope by the people that things will get better.But what the president should remember is that the donor community comes with terms and conditions to their aid.These are some of the factors that contributed to a fallout between the late President and various donor countries like Britain and America.If these conditions are not adhered to then there will be more fallouts or even no aid at all.

As much as i supported some of Bingu's Wa Mutharika's policies like Zero Deficit Budget,which was good in sense that Malawi as a country has too much over reliance on aid,some of the policies were to tough and brought at a wrong time into practice.The late president was arrogant at times but third world countries need to be treated with respect.

Joyce Banda and her government can do well yes but they should not allow to be tossed around by the western donor governments.There are a number of issue the country needs to sort out like,the persistent power cuts,forex  and fuel shortages,higher bank charges and corruption.

If her excellency Joyce Banda surrounds herself and get people into her government who have a history of corruption and bad leadership,people will start crying foul and judging her type of leadership.The problem with  our politicians is that they are all recycled politicians.They go where the glass is greener.They have rolled on from Malawi Congress Party to United Democratic Front,then joined DPP today they are in another color joining Banda's Peoples Party.


We are just a few days in the new administration but people have already started quitting the former ruling party, DPP and  joining the current presidents party.A party they did not join before she got into higher office.Who would be interested in people like them.They are there for a reason.They will definately be entertained as she wants to increase the numbers but she should be careful with who she brings on board in her government.

She has set a good example by bringing in Benson Tembo at Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.People just hope that he will be let free to do his job withot any interference from the political top brass.

She can really do a good job if she has the right people in place and not selfish and corrupt poliicians and good economic policies.

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